What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is used to treat muscular-skeletal disorders and complaints and uses a particular set of massage techniques. It is not simply a massage with deep pressure, but a specific treatment for targeting deeper muscle groups.

If you are suffering from pain related to poor posture, or involved in heavy physical activity, or if you have been physically injured then deep tissue massage could play an important role in helping address your discomfort.

Relief from chronic muscle tension or injury

This type of massage is designed to focus on the muscles that are located underneath the body's top layer of muscles. Deep tissue massage can help relieve tension in the muscles and connective tissue.

By treating both the superficial and deep layers of the body's muscles, this type of massage helps to break down rigid tissue, can improve joint mobility and reduce inflammation and pain. As a Sports and Remedial qualified therapist, Ruth Evered will listen to your needs carefully before working with you to help improve your functional movement.


First consultation and treatment (60 mins) - £60

Follow up appointments (60/30 mins) - £60/£35


If you have high blood pressure, any infection, cancer or diabetes, contact Ruth Evered Sports Massage in Windsor, Datchet, Slough and Eton today on 07761 811 117 to discuss your suitability for massage.