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I have been practicing sports and remedial massage in Windsor and Eton since 2002

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I have been practicing sports and remedial massage in Windsor since 2002 and work very closely with runners, triathletes, netball players and hockey players. I also have a regular client base with local polo players. I am a keen cyclist, swimmer and gym user and can relate to the frustration of niggles and injuries which can impede our performance. Sports and remedial massage is an effective way to prevent muscle tension, strains and sprains.

My interest in the health and welfare of pregnant women has led me to gain a WellMother© qualification in Pregnancy and Post-natal Massage. Working with pregnant women is a great joy and being allowed to help them cope with the inevitable physical and emotional changes which occur during pregnancy is a privilege.


I am fully qualified and insured in Massage (ITEC dip), Sports Massage (ITEC dip), Massage for Pregnancy and Labour (Wellmother© APNT dip). I work within the Code of Ethics laid down by Association of Physical and Natural Therapists, and the Complementary Therapists Association. Your privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed.

My location is Thames Valley Athletics Centre.

Sports and Remedial Massage​

If you have sustained an injury or are simply an athlete looking to reach your optimum performance level, then sports massage therapy can help you to achieve your goal.

Sports massage therapy is an effective method of reducing tension in the muscles, mobilizing joints, stimulating circulation, promoting healing, and encouraging the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, from the body. Keeping your muscles in peak condition can significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Pregnancy/Post Natal Massage​

Pregnancy is a time of great joy but for some women it can be a difficult and emotional journey. During pregnancy hormonal changes cause ligaments and joints to soften leading to additional strain on the skeletal system. This often causes aches and pains most commonly in the hips, buttocks and lower back.

The increasing weight of the baby can pull on the lumbar spine causing postural imbalances. These changes can be difficult to prepare for, but massage during pregnancy can help to reduce these discomforts, and promote relaxation and a sense of well being.

Deep Tissue


Deep tissue massage is used to treat muscular-skeletal disorders and complaints and uses a particular set of massage techniques. It is not simply a massage with deep pressure, but a specific treatment for targeting deeper muscle groups.

If you are suffering from pain related to poor posture, or involved in heavy physical activity, or if you have been physically injured then deep tissue massage could play an important role in helping address your discomfort.

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Ruth Evered

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Thames Valley Athletics Centre is easily reached from the M4 - junctions 5 or 6.

It is also easily reached from Windsor, Ascot, Slough, Datchet, Farnham Common and Burnham.

There is parking available on-site.

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